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4 Reasons You Need To Try Aerial Yoga

Are you feeling like trying something new to enhance your yoga practice? Aerial yoga might be just the thing! This athletic yet graceful style of yoga isn’t like your average flow, but it will definitely keep you entertained and challenged, while also providing many benefits to your body and mind.

1. Back Pain No More

Aerial yoga is known to reduce strain on the back and spine during practice. In fact, if you suffer from back pain you will likely feel little to no discomfort while practicing with the support of your hammock! The hanging positions allow for decompression of the spine, giving it the opportunity to lengthen and relieve tension.

2. Burn Baby Burn

Aerial yoga is known to reduce anxieties and stress, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great workout as well! Many positions in aerial yoga require concentration on the core muscles to support your body making it a great workout for burning calories. According to the American Council of Exercise you have the opportunity to burn up to 320 calories in just 50 mins!

3. Does That Feel Easier?

Most likely, aerial yoga won’t be an everyday practice but it can sure help your flow on the mat as well, specifically with inversions. Instead of kicking up against a wall or being supported by a teacher, aerial yoga allows the silks to support your body in upside down positions; giving you the opportunity to feel the posture alignment without fear.

4. Cocoon Bliss

Aerial yoga promotes deep relaxation and stress relief on a whole new level. Most aerial classes finish with a long savasana cocooned in the comfort of a slightly swaying hammock. The compression around the body relaxes the muscles, and the surrounding fabric makes for no distraction of those around you, leaving you rejuvenated and transformed!

We are hoping you are feeling inspired to wrap yourself in silks and flip upside down or do some deep meditating in your cocoon. Let us know your experience with aerial yoga in the comments!

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