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Spooky Season Will Be Filled With More Magic Than Ever This Halloween

As the leaves change and the air is filled with a brisk breeze, we all seem to be gearing up for one spooky night of shape shifting and mystical magic...Halloween. This year, Halloween night will gift us not only a full moon, but a full blue moon. Despite mainstream TV and cinema, this actually isn’t such a common occurrence. You won’t see this happen again until 2039, so be sure to read up and not miss this iconic, celestial moment.

A Very Mini History Lesson

Halloween may not be a national holiday, but its traditions date back thousands of years to pagan religious beliefs which originated from ancient Celtic spiritual practices. According to History.com, Halloween has developed from Samhain, a Celtic tradition of celebration to end the harvest season and welcome the darker half of the year. During this point between the fall equinox and the winter solstice, it is believed that the barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds is lifted, allowing for communication into the other-worlds.

What Makes The Halloween Moon So Special?

On October 31st at 10:49 AM EDT, we will experience the first full moon on Halloween since 2001! This one is extra special - a monthly blue moon and a hunter’s moon. A hunter’s moon is the full moon after the harvest moon (which this year came on October 1st), and a monthly blue moon is the second full moon to occur within the same month. You might be wondering, will it actually appear a tinted blue color? It most likely will not, unless tinted from clouds, pollution or dust, which is possible given the moon will be nearing its maximum orbital distance from earth (at 252,000 miles away). Even more rare, this Halloween the full moon will appear in all time zones - an occurrence that hasn't happened since 1944!

So, What’s The Vibe?

This rare lunation is spectacular in itself, but from an astrological standpoint brings even more interesting revelations to uncover. During the full moon phase, the sun sits directly opposite the moon; a symbolic harmony between the feminine and masculine energies. The moon will be in the grounded earth sign Taurus and conjunct Uranus, while the the sun will be in Scorpio, a symbol of the Underworld. This is a time to bring about balance as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is at its thinnest.

Uranus ushers in the new and sheds the old, often with rebellion and chaos, which in contrast with the intuitive and emotional energies of the moon, is a recipe for unpredictable outcomes and unexpected visions. With Venus, Taurus’s planetary ruler, in Libra, there is potential for renewal and transformation as we continue to navigate the balance of our relationships and emotions. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and the divine feminine, will be revealing the hidden truths of whats under the surface. It’s a crucial time to stay in tune with your intuition and let your senses guide you slowly as you stay fluid and flexible with plans and unpredictable happenings. This is a moment to re-sync yourself with your deepest values, move stagnant energy that no longer serves you, and rebalance your inner compass.

Now, I’m sure you are convinced you can’t miss this cosmic occurrence, but what do you do to fully embrace the powerful energy it will bring? Here are five rituals to celebrate the blue hunter’s moon this Halloween!

5 Rituals To Celebrate The Halloween Full Moon

1. Listen To Your Body’s Cravings

With the moon in the Taurus realm, you will be experiencing a heightened sense of connectivity to your body - embrace it! Whatever makes you feel alive or achieve that natural body high, go for it. Dance, move, sing, howl. Do not feel self conscious or rationalize what your body needs, its a time for a full body surrender to your inner guidance.

2. Home Cleansing

As the full moon symbolizes a time of many changes, and the transition into the winter months, it’s the perfect time to cleanse your space. You can do this by smudging sage or incense throughout your home and into the corners of each space. You can also use sound (instruments or music) to break up the negative energy that needs to be moved.

3. Charge Up

If you use crystals in your rituals or around your home, you can clear their energy for the new beginnings during the full moon. By placing your crystals in a location (ideally on the ground or a natural surface) directly in moon light, you can clear their energy and recharge their power.

4. Soak It All In

Soak up the energy of the full moon with a detoxifying and healing salt bath. By adding dried botanicals to steeping hot water, you will extract their most powerful medicinal qualities. We also recommend surrounding your bath with your favorite crystals, candles and music, for a full sensory experience.

5. Burn Away The Bad

While you are setting new intentions for the winter, it’s also a great time to burn away any pesky negative thoughts and emotions. Simply write down anything you want to let go of, including any negative mantras that you repeat to yourself. Write them on small slips of paper and light them with a match. You can burn them to ash over the ground or into water and watch as they disappear, freeing you of any energy that no longer serves you.

There are countless other ways to embrace the full moon energy, like meditation, movement and journaling, but truly what’s important is clearing room for new projects and new energy as you welcome the darker months. Listen to your gut, follow your instincts and recalibrate your mind and body as the moon takes you through a powerful transition. Tag us @drinkintention to share your full moon rituals with us!

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