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3 Ways To Enhance Your At-Home Yoga Practice For Beginners

We all miss our yoga studios; the before class chatter, the hands on adjustments, and of course the optimal setting for your practice. Although we can’t have these things at home, there are many ways to enhance your at-home yoga experience. Check out these three tips for cultivating an at-home yoga space for clarity, balance and new found energy.

1. Ouu what’s that smell?

Smudging sage throughout your yoga space is known to safeguard against all negative energy as well as boost your intuition. By cleansing your surroundings before yoga you will experience soothed anxiety

and an enlightened mood. For cleansing energy and promoting relaxation, try Blue Sage. For fending off negative energy and purifying the body, try White Sage!

2. Let’s get groovy

Sometimes we get in the habit of hitting play on the same “yoga playlist” we use for our daily practice. Try changing up the tunes and see how it can spark a new sense of motivation and energy! If you’re feeling adventurous, try the Hip Hop Yoga playlist on Spotify for a whole new vibe for your flow.

3. The plants aren’t just cute

You might think that yoga studios are often surrounded with cute plants just for aesthetic, but in fact they are quite beneficial for you as well! Specific plants help to improve air quality which can play a large role in how you feel during yoga because breath work is such a crucial component of your practice. Check out: Elephant Ear Philodendron, Aloe Vera or Alcera Palm for improving air quality!

We hope you are feeling inspired to bring new energy to your at-home yoga practice. We love to see your home studio transformations! Tag us @drinkintention, or let us know your fav additions in the comments below!

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