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A Guide To Creating A Vision Board That Motivates and Manifests

We are nearing the end of January… jeez that went fast! The end of the first month in the New Year can often lead to your “new year, new me” energy starting to fizzle out. This is a moment to recommit to your goals, spark new motivation and carry your excitement for the year into February. We believe one of the best end-of-January activities is vision boarding - something many of you might have done before 2021, or maybe it’s been on your to do list, either way, it’s the perfect time to rework your vision board, or create your first one. Continue reading for our complete guide to creating a vision board that motivates and manifests.

1. Setting The Stage

Prepare your mind so you can be in a high vibration while creating your vision board. The process of creation is a step in the manifestation process. Create a comfortable environment - maybe candles, essential oils, music etc. Meditate for 5-10 mins to clear your mind and eliminate chatter or distractions. Once you feel present and peaceful you are now ready to begin.

2. Plan and Prioritize

The universe has no limits on what it can provide to you. You have infinite gifts you can manifest, so start on the things you want immediately and then move to the next things. Dream big, but prioritize the things you want to manifest the most within the next 3 months of this year. By setting a short specific time frame, you will not become impatient and give up and you will be able to recognize the smaller steps you are making to achieve your bigger vision. At each milestone it's important to allow moments of gratitude and acceptance as your dreams come to fruition. By having a timeline to check in with you can easily reflect and assess your progress. Make a list of the things you would like to attract into your life within the next 3 months.

We are big believers in frequent vision boarding - check in, see how far you’ve come since the last time you created a vision board (even if it was just at the beginning of 2021), update your new interests, connect with what is truly most important to you.

3. Source

The next step is to source inspiring photos that represent your goals and intentions. We recommend using Canva, Pinterest, Tumblr or Unsplash. Save photos, words, quotes - anything that makes you feel genuinely excited and inspired when you look at it. You can also gather some of your own photos to include - like moments that you felt happiness or past things that you’ve manifested etc.

4. Create

This is the fun part! Layout your vision board. If you love going old school - print out all of your photos and lay them out on a piece of card-stock. Or if you’re feeling like saving a tree - download your photos and lay them out digitally. We recommend using Canva and choosing from one of their templates or photo grids, from there you can download it.

5. Placement and Action

Whether you’ve decided to make your vision board physical or digital, it's very important that you strategically place it somewhere that you can frequently look at it throughout everyday. Some common places are as a screensaver or hanging up next to your bed. Make it a habit to spend time with your vision board, connect with your intentions, and truly visualize yourself being or achieving whatever is in the photos. Try visualizing the photos being your reality to the point where you can feel and enjoy the emotions associated with this becoming your truth. By frequently connecting with your visions you will stay focused and aligned as well as begin to attract your goals into your life.

We are so excited for you to embark on the second month of 2021 and hope that this guide inspires you to recommit to your New Year intentions.

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