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4 Alternatives To Seated Meditation

Is the idea of sitting quietly alone with your thoughts deterring you from the meditation habit you desire? We get it. It can be incredibly difficult and uncomfortable to commit to 20 mins of complete stillness with nothing but the sound of your breath. For many, it can even bring on stress or anxiety. Luckily, there are many alternative forms of meditation that can be more engaging and easier to integrate into your routine!

1. Movement Meditation

During a mindful movement practice the mind is focused on syncing the breath with each motion. This can be done with any physical activity like running, swimming, hiking etc. and most popularly, with yoga. Yoga is a practice that can result in a deep meditative state through stretching and soothing the body into specific postures, called ‘asana’ practices. Yoga is a practice of clearing both emotional and physical tensions through breathwork, and overtime prepares the body for seated meditation or end of practice savasana.

2. Mindful Eating

We all eat everyday, so what if you dedicated even 10 mins of the time you spend eating to this form of meditation? Mindful eating is practiced by closing the eyes, removing all distractions and observing the taste, smell and texture of the food you're consuming! By turning away from phones and technology while eating you are able to better tune in to your body and begin to notice how your food actually makes you feel. Are you even hungry? Are you full? The body can take up to 20 minutes to register that you are full, so by slowing down and paying attention to your eating habits and hunger triggers you are able to better connect to your body and reach many of the benefits of meditation.

3. Music Meditation

Music has many benefits for stress management, especially when used in a mindful meditation practice. By focusing on the specific sounds of each beat and tone, you can clear the mind and enhance focus. This practice should be done in a comfortable, relaxed position, and it’s recommended to use music without lyrics. Close your eyes and fully immerse yourself in the sound, paying close attention to what you are experiencing and how the music affects your emotions.

4. Have Sex!

Surprising right?! Sex is actually a wonderful way to connect to the body and relieve a chattering mind. Both traditional meditation and sex trigger the release of endorphins, leaving you calmer, happier and less stressed. For people who find it difficult to tune into a mundane task like breathing or eating, this is a great alternative (because who wouldn’t want to be in the present moment)? Sex as meditation can take form in many ways, either through partner mindfulness practices or simply just staying extra present during sex - paying specific attention to each touch, pleasurable feeling and sound.

We hope that by trying new alternatives to seated meditation you are able to begin to integrate meditation into your life with less resistance and more excitement! We love to see you trying out new mindful practices, tag us @drinkintention on all socials!

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