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When I moved to New York City in 2016, I turned to yoga to help me reduce stress, balance my busy lifestyle, and of course get a kick-ass workout, but I have always struggled with what to eat before yoga. I would often down an oat milk latte which would leave me feeling jittery and filled with acid, or eat a “healthy” meal and be left feeling bloated and lethargic.


I wanted a shake that would give me the fuel I needed to last through a high intensity yoga class without feeling heavy or bloated. I wanted to feel alert and focused without the jitters from coffee, and without skipping caffeine all together (cause let’s be honest, we all love a little pick-me-up). 


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what should I eat to fuel both my body and mind?

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After searching online for advice and talking to other yogis, I realized I wasn’t alone. Pre-workout products tend to be full of artificial ingredients and extremely high in caffeine. Muscle building protein powders often contain 25g+ of protein, which can make for extreme bloating and even nausea. Nothing on the market was geared specifically towards a mindful activity like yoga.

I turned to my partner and co-founder, a medicinal chemist and nutrition enthusiast, to help solve this problem. We hand-picked ingredients known for their powerful cognitive and physical benefits, and after rounds of tasting and testing we came to the perfect before yoga blend. We called it Intention because your practice starts with what you put in your body; now you can set your intention before you get on the mat.

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